Wednesday, June 7th
4:00AM GMT
INC Relentless Intervals
Group Ride
Suitable for A riders as a base session, or B & C riders wanting to push themselves.

Examples of the drills are – Z2 with 15sec Z5/6 bursts every 6minutes, alternating Z2/Z3 in various durations, Z2 - Z4 ramps of decreasing duration and many other sessions.

All sessions will be around 60-90mins and will include a warm up so just grab your bottles and head straight to the pen.

This is an Innovation Cycling Training Ride Event – all riders are welcome. These events are put together to push you further than before, if you are feeling fresh hop on the front, if you need rest surf the draft. This training ride is part of the INC RELENTLESS training rides that happen daily with each day focusing on a different area of improvement.

Tips: Use the draft to rest and ensure you do not lose the draft.
INC Relentless Intervals (B) - Race Results
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TempoDistaccoWattW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 secW/kg