Friday, June 9th
8:30AM GMT
Flanders Endurance Series
Group Ride
Flanders Endurance Series is focused on long distance rides/races.
The global distance of these fondo's will always be around 100km or 2.30h depending on the course of the day.

Use these type of rides to build up your stamina ...

Is this a race ? There will be results for those who like to race, but you can also take it as a great build-me-up endurance training.
Late join is possible.

Heart rate monitors are necessary when you want to end up in the ZP results !

Also a great opportunity to earn those ROUTE badges

#keepmoving #BZR #staysafe #jerseyunlock

Spotify playlist : Belgian Zwift Riders FTP Motivator

7th April LONDON Greater London Flat 3 Laps
14th April MAKURI Chasing The Sun Scratch Race 1 Lap - 35km
21th April RICHMOND Libby Hill After Party 5 Laps - Libby Hill finish - 33.1km
28th April WATOPIA Figure 8 1 Lap - 30.2km
5th May WATOPIA Downtown Titans 2 Laps - 50.8km
12th May MAKURI Sprinters Playground 3 Laps - 37km

12th May INNSBRUCK 2018 UCI Worlds Course 1 Lap - 24km
Flanders Endurance Series (E) - Race Results
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TempoDistaccoWattW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 secW/kg