Ride Like King

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Each spring, Giant and sister brand Liv host  Ride Like King, a celebration of all things cycling led by company founder, King Liu.

This year’s 10th annual Ride Like King is history-making. It’s the first time the two-wheeled party will be held on Zwift.   Join us and celebrate the joy of cycling.

What is the Ride Like King Event?

Historically, Giant founder, King Liu has held an annual epic ride around Taiwan.  

In his words, “he made it his mission to reconnect with his passion for cycling.”

“Driving is too careless,” King said. “Walking is too slow. Only through cycling can you truly experience the beauty of this island and have this type of once-in-a-lifetime adventure.”

“Many people travel in cars, with high speeds and closed windows,” King said. “But on bikes, people greet each other, building human relationships and gradually shaping a more peaceful society,” explains King.

Over the past decade, King has continued his mission to explore new places by bike and share his message about the positive impact of the cycling lifestyle. He has ridden through places like Japan and Europe, bringing attention to the ways that cycling can improve health, reduce pollution, and enhance quality of life.

We’ll host a series of rides through group workouts, and participants in all rides will have access to unlock the special Ride Like King jersey, and test ride the Giant Propel Advanced SL Disc 0 bike (men) and the Liv Langma Advanced SL 0.


Premiere Event:

Ride Like King with King Liu the Founder of Giant Bicycles - 

  • May 4 @ 8pm Taipei time (UTC +8) (7:00am EST // 1:00pm BST)

Zwift participants who take part in the premiere event will be eligible to win a flagship Giant or Liv road bike. The grand prize giveaway will be either a Giant Propel Advanced SL Disc 0 or Liv Langma Advanced SL 0 bike, along with a certificate signed by King.

In addition to the bike giveaway, ten participants in the Zwift Ride Like King main event will be selected to win a limited-edition Ride Like King jersey, signed by King. The first prize jersey features a special design that celebrates all of King’s accomplishments and aims to inspire all riders to be the “king of their own ride.”.  

Terms and Conditions

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Other Ride Like King Events:

Ride Like King with Giant Bicycles -

Four (4) Zwift participants who take part in one (1) of the four (4) Ride Like King with Giant Bicycles secondary events will be selected to win a limited-edition Ride Like King jersey signed by King.

Terms and Conditions

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About Giant: Giant is a leading brand of high-quality bicycles and cycling gear. Since 1972, Giant has combined craftsmanship, technology and innovative design to create the ultimate cycling experience for all riders, casual to competitive. Through its products, people and retail partners, Giant inspires passion for cycling all around the world. For more information, go to giant-bicycles.com.

About Liv: Liv is the only cycling brand in the world dedicated solely to women. Founded in 2008 by Giant executive Bonnie Tu as part of the Giant Group, Liv creates innovative bicycles and gear to fit and perform at the highest level. Liv aims to empower all female riders from beginners to pros. With a global team of retailers, athletes and events, plus a growing online presence focused on riding skills, bike maintenance, nutrition, travel and other experiences – Liv strives to support community and be the number one resource for women cyclists around the world. For more information, visit liv-cycling.com.


每年捷安特都會連同Liv在春天舉辦名為「王者之騎」(Ride Like














我們將以「團體課表」(group workout)舉辦一系列活動,所有參加的zwifter都

會穿著RLK 王者之騎車衣,並在虛擬世界騎著捷安特Propel Advanced SL Disc 或

Liv Langma Advanced SL成車。





5/4 台灣時間am8:00 (UTC +8) (7:00am EST // 1:00pm BST)

參加首場活動的Zwiftr有資格贏得劉金標簽名的Giant Propel Advanced SL Disc 0 or

Liv Langma Advanced SL 0 bike成車。

除了單車贈品外,將另外抽出十名參加者獲得由劉金標簽名的限量版Ride Like




與捷安特王者之騎(Ride Like King with Giant Bicycles)-

5/4(五)5 pm PDT // (Giant and Liv USA/Canada)美國/加拿大

5/5(六)12 pm (noon) CEST // (Giant Germany)德國

5/5(六)1:30 pm CEST // (Liv Germany)德國

5/6(日)7 pm AEST // (Giant and Australia)澳洲

參加上述任何一場的Zwifter,我們將抽出四位獲得由劉金標簽名的限量版Ride Like King車衣。









Liv是世界上唯一專為女性設計的自行車品牌。由巨大執行長Bonnie Tu於2008年







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