Wednesday, February 24th
11:00PM GMT
Zwift Duathlon League - Bike
Welcome to a Zwift Duathlon League event! This bike-run race features a brand new format, with a lot of bang for an hour-long buck. Our friends at WTRL are co-leading the charge–planning race routes, managing the leaderboards, and more.

If you’re new to racing and want to scratch that competitive itch, you’re in the right place. ZDL brings the entire tri-community together, pitting Zwifter against Zwifter on the bike and treadmill.

Pro Tip: track your stats and performance by connecting your account to ZwiftPower. Here’s how to do that - a new window


The race begins with a mass start, 35 minute TT bike race. (Drafting is disabled, and you may choose any TT bike). Take 10 minutes to transition off the bike and onto your treadmill. Gear up to run as far as you can for 15 minutes.


Points will be awarded based on distance covered. 1 point for every 5 meters ridden on the bike, and 1 point for every 1 meter on the run.

There will be an overall leaderboard and age group rankings provided by our race partner WTRL - a new window


Check out the current race standings here. New to the group and need to register with WTRL? The league is open to all. Note that leaderboards and race routes are managed solely by WTRL.


ZwiftPower complements the Zwift experience by letting racers and race organizers track results, view the details of races you’ve participated in, and monitor and analyze data. The site adds a layer of metrics that most tri-folks crave. Here’s how to get set up on ZwiftPower - a new window


World Tactical Racing Leagues was founded with one simple idea. Every racer deserves the same amount of organisational effort no matter their category or ability. WTRL is known for eSport event design and management, providing some of the most bespoke and fun team-based racing available. Our weekly Thursday WTRL Team Time Trial events attract thousands of racers and hundreds of teams for the biggest Team Time Trial on the planet!
Zwift Duathlon League - Bike (A) - Race Results
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