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Thursday, March 11th
11:30AM GMT
Absa Cape Epic Stage 3 pb ABUS - Open
The Absa Cape Epic is the most widely televised mountain bike race in the world. It’s as challenging as it is well-known for good reason. Cape Epic is the only eight-day mountain bike stage race classed as hors catégorie—literally, “beyond categorization—by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

Go beyond this spring via the Cape Epic Race Series.

For many pros, competing in this punishing race is a highlight of their year. And it provides amateurs the chance to test themselves against the best.

Want a taste of this event from home? Check out the Cape Epic Race Series. Pulling no punches, the first stage includes one spicy attack up and over the Volcano Climb. Of course, your avatar will be on a mountain bike.

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Stage 1 presented by Oakley
Whole Lotta Lava
March 7th + 8th
1 lap
Total Distance: 16.9km // 10.5mi
Total Elevation: 189.6m // 622’

Stage 2 Time Trial presented by Dimension Data
Bologna Time Trial
March 9th + 10th
1 lap
Total Distance: 8km // 5 Mi
Total Elevation: 230m // 755’

Stage 3 presented by ABUS
Jungle Circuit Reverse
March 11th + 12th
2 laps
Total Distance: 22km // 13.7mi
Total Elevation: 164m // 538 ft

Stage 4 presented by Assos
Serpentine 8 loop
March 13th + 14th
1 lap
Total Distance: 26.5km // 16.5mi
Total Elevation: 204.7m // 675’


Finish Stage 1 or 2 to unlock the Absa Cape Epic kit.
Finish Stage 3 or 4 to unlock the Scott Spark Cape Epic custom paint job.

Complete all four events for a chance to win a IRL custom painted Scott Spark.
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