Thursday, February 10th
11:15PM GMT
Koa Sports League Warrior Race
This race is bought to you by the Koa Sports League. Private events, verified racing, time trails and coached workouts. A community over 2000 members strong!

Select events are LIVE broadcast on Zwift Community Live and Koa Sports channels. Search Facebook, Twitch and Youtube for exciting commentary, expert pre-show and analysis. These community races are short and sharp and a great way to maximise those precious training minutes.

If you are looking at taking your racing and training to the NEXT LEVEL, get in touch with one of our Full Time Coaches. Working with State Champions, Crit Crushers, Weekend Warriors, and all-round Endurance Beasts.

Koa Sports League Community events highlights all categories of racing, with a focus on completion, if you start the race… finish the race!

We are for all riders on Zwift!

Join the Tribe. Be the Warrior.

A, B, C, D, E Categories

​A Grade @ 4W/KG +
B Grade @ 3.2W/KG - 3.9W/KG
C Grade @ 2.5W/KG - 3.1W/KG
D Grade @ 1W/KG - 2.4W/KG
E Grade @ 1 – 6W/KG (WOMENS ONLY)

Power ups allowed

TT bikes not allowed

Community racing rules available at www.koasportsleague.comOpens a new window

Complete any race to unlock the Koa Sports League Team Kit.

Ride with integrity, ride with passion, Ride On!
Koa Sports League Warrior Race (A) - Race Results
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TimeGapWattsW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 secW/kg