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Thursday, February 24th
7:00AM GMT
Thursday Bash with Dallaglio Cycle Slam
Group Ride
Training ride open to all but primarily for riders training for the 2022 Dallaglio Cycle Slam, a multi-day charity cycle ride raising money to help school children that have been excluded from mainstream education. The aim of these rides is to provide a regular training ride for all to join in, riding at a steady pace that for some will feel challenging but over time you will get fitter and more comfortable.

Be mindful of your pace and try to keep the group together rather than just ride off on your own - look at this as a way to improve your fitness as well as pick up some skills around riding with others.

Try not to ride over 3.5 w/kg but if you are feeling frisky - feel free to open the taps with 10 mins to go.

We will vary the routes so check back regularly.

More details of the Cycle Slam charity ride are at a new window
Thursday Bash with Dallaglio Cycle Slam (E)
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