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Tuesday, April 19th
9:00AM GMT
Group Ride
CRMCC Racing

Carrying on from the Tuesday Summer crits, is the Tuesday Winter Zwift club racing. Currently the format is all grades 1 race, 1 start time, just add CRMCC and crit grade to your Zwift name. Each week we will mix it up with a course with a bit of variety of flats and punchy climbs. There will be a results leaderboard at the end of the event. Let’s keep the legs primed over winter with your mates at CRMCC, whilst we do not have the pavilion to mingle, feel free to mingle, and kudos the winners on our Canberra Region Masters Cycling Club facebook group on the weekly Zwift post. 

It is a good chance to try to stick with the next grade or you can back it off a little and help encourage others to go beyond. Let’s keep the positive supportive vibe the CRMCC is known for.

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