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Tuesday, November 28th
6:15PM GMT
Flanders Race “De Ronde”
No Power Ups
No TT bikes
HR Monitor Required (riders without hr will be disqualified)
Category TAG

A 4-5w
B 3.2-4w
C 2.5-3.2w
D 1-2.5w

Zpower riders are not eligible for top 10 places.
Your strava save MUST include category TAG (A,B,C,D)

Start :
Please note the race is from the gun, including any event ‘warm-up’ on the lap counter. Categories will start separately.

Watopia Hilly course
A-B 5 laps
C-D 4 laps

London London 8 from Start Banner
A-B-C-D 2 laps
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