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Thursday, November 24th
7:35PM GMT
Madhare Autumn/Winter Training
Group Ride
Join our Madhare sessions Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday as part of our weekly Autumn/Winter training for new and experienced Zwifters.

Each time we'll explore another route from the worlds on Zwift; from fast and flat laps to challenging climbs, and everything in between!

Our beacon is there to set a pace and to talk all things cycling so jump on and join in!

It's not a race, however, if you want to zip off ahead and get that PB on the sprint, or drop back and relax you can do that too!

*Cat C - 1 - 5w/kg*

Join the Mad Hare official Zwift club! Email or follow one of our leaders for an invite.
Madhare Autumn/Winter Training (C)
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