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Saturday, February 4th
8:05PM GMT
JETT Endurance Ride 100km 2.5~3.3w/kg
Group Ride
JETT Endurance Ride !!
Let's ride 2.5w/kg~3.3w/kg !!
B category's average of power is 3.0~3.3w/kg, start is 2.5w/kg for grouping.
C category's average of power is 2.5~2.9w/kg, start is 2.0w/kg for grouping.

Double draft is on.

Rule of this group ride
· You always keep grouping in mind
· Do not Lead from Leader - yellow beacon
· Keep stay around Yellow Beacon
· TT Bike is allowed but TT bike cant get drafting effect.
· If you exceed the Fence, return to Yellow Beacon at 2.0w/kg or less.

*There are several Sweepers on this group ride. If you have dropped, please
request 'Help' in ZWIFT Chat if you need help. A sweeper goes for help.
However, we can not help without the offer of 'HElp'.

Follow endurance ride for 2 hours and 30 minutes, follow leader
instructions and enjoy ZWIFT chat, let's work together and make the best
group, the best workout!

※Please note that we will flag you if you lead at abnormal speed.

JETT Endurance Ride
B categoryの平均パワーは、3.0~3.3w/kgです。スタートは2.5w/kgでグルーピングします。
C categoryの平均パワーは、2.5~2.9w/kgです。スタートは2.0w/kgでグルーピングします。


・Yellow Beaconから離れないでライドしましょう
・TT Bikeは使用可能ですが、Drafting効果を得られません。
・Fenceをオーバーした場合は、2.0w/kg以下でYellow Beaconまで戻りましょう。



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