Sunday, April 2nd
12:00PM GMT
Chasing Tour | Chasing Vlaanderen
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The Chasing Tour 2023 is the most comprehensive racing circuit with a year-long calendar that follows the pro peloton tour. Throughout the year, you can participate in 90 days of racing organized into grand tours, stage races, seasonal series, and single-day races that mirror the real-life races the pros will ride on those same days.

The Chasing Tour has a year-long general classification for individual riders and teams. The tour GC is calculated off a rider’s point accumulation across the season and a teams top 3 riders from each race event and GC competition.

📗 RULES //
• Riders must be registered on www.zwiftpower.comOpens a new window
• Heart rate monitors required
• No ZPower riders


Each race event supports multiple categories. The www.zwiftracing.appOpens a new window ranking system will be used to provide the fairest categorization system during the tour.

The bullets below detail the mapping between Zwift event categories and ranks. Example: Riders with a rank of Gold (I,II,III) should join the B category when signing up for race events.

🔴 A — Platinum, Challenge, Champion, Grand Champion
🟢 B — Gold
🔵 C — Silver
🟡 D — Bronze

Determining your category:

If you have completed a Chasing Tour event you can find your race category at the registered riders page. You should continue to sign up for race events using your registered category.

If you have not yet completed a Chasing Tour race event follow the instructions below.

1: Visit a new window
2: Find your rating and the corresponding rank class.
3: Use the above categories information to determine if you are category A/B/C/D and sign up for race events using the appropriate category.
4: If your ZWID is not found on please sign up for race events using your ZwiftPower category.

Categories while racing:
• All categories and riders will be visible together on the race course.
• Riders will be able to differentiate and identify riders in their category with the associated category letter icon.

Result categorization:
• Results will be categorized into riders’ appropriate category at event completion.
• Results from riders racing within the wrong category on the race course will be recategorized. Example: If a B rider races in the C (Silver) category within the event, their result will be recategorized to B (Gold) at event completion.
• Continued riding under the wrong category will lead to disqualification or other penalties.

You earn points in two ways, from individual race events and general classification (GC) competitions. The more you ride, the more you earn.

Race events scoring:
• Points awarded for each category
• First completed event for a specific race counts
• Race event points determined by the race tier

GC competitions scoring:
• Points awarded for each category
• Riders must complete min # of series events

Team scoring:
• The top 3 riders’ scores from each event count
• The top 3 riders from a GC competition count

Tour sponsor, The Breakaway (www.breakaway.appOpens a new window), will provide grand prizes for each main tour (Chasing Pink, Chasing Yellow, Chasing Femmes, and Chasing Red). Each 8-week or All-time PR earned on The Breakaway during each tour will enter you a virtual ticket for a raffle at the end of that tour. The more PR's you get, the more chances to win!

For each tour, three winners will be selected at random to receive…
• A Zwift Hub
• A Hammerhead Karoo2
• A $200 Gift Certificate to The Feed

More prize details: a new window

• Visit www.chasingtour.comOpens a new window for more details
• Register for the tour
• Sign-up for race events
• View race results and GC standings

Chasing Tour | Chasing Vlaanderen (A) - Race Results
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