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Saturday, February 18th
3:45PM GMT
GXY 75 [2.3-2.7wkg] CAT C
Group Ride
Welcome to GXY 75!

Each week we are doing 75 – that could be riding for 75 minutes or 75kms (46.6 miles)…. :)

Jump on, settle in and respect the leader’s pace and instructions, and the time or distance will fly by!

GXY are blessed with world class sweepers, if you need a wheel at any point, shout early and our sweepers will be on hand to support.

GXY are a friendly and supportive club who strive to help others succeed. We are looking forward to riding with you.

If you want to become a member and join our community to race, ride socially, or both, please come and join ideally via our Facebook link or by the email below: a new window a new window a new window

GXY 75 [2.3-2.7wkg] CAT C (C)
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