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Wednesday, March 22nd
6:00PM GMT
NGNM VenTopChallenge
Group Ride
This event has the following requirements:
women only iconWomen only.
Visit for more information on race rules.
The NGNM VenTop challenge reaches the third edition this year after being launched in 2021 during the WRRS series in March.

This year we’re celebrating a new formula for the VenTop challenge.
We’re offering two options:
1) Riding the full La Reine course, which ends halfway from reaching the top of VenTop.
2) Continuing after La Reine finish line and covering the full VenTop distance.
This should allow everyone to pick their favorite option and still have a great time.

It’s an epic day of climbing the hardest in-app mountain on Zwift, together, woman to woman united.
Join NGNM and an empowering community of amazing women cyclists.
Everyone gets to the top! Climbing together. Climbing easier.

Get the tunes & chat: here’s a Spotify playlist that will help you climb a new window

If you prefer a voice chat, here’s the NGNM Discord channel to join. a new window
You can still chat and listen to the playlist if you like. :-)

Get the jersey!
Win the NGNM x Zwift WRRS jersey for crossing the La Reine finish line.

Designed to celebrate women breaking ground and pushing the bar higher, this jersey brings together a borderless peloton under a powerful mantra:
United we are, lifting as we climb!

More than just a (virtual) jersey!
NGNM has produced an RL version of this jersey, available for purchase here a new window
Lastly, here's our vibrant FB group community of NGNM-Zwift Riders to join: a new window
NGNM VenTopChallenge
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