Tuesday, March 28th
9:30AM GMT
Power2Tri Multisport Coaching - 8 Week Triathlon Base/Build (Phase 2)
Group Workout
Off-Season Training is done, thank you to those who joined! Now, it’s time to begin building for the 2023 season. These Tuesday rides are part of a series of 3 rides per week and will focus on building FTP and longer term endurance in preparation of the 2023 triathlon racing season. If you're interested in participating in the other rides, please get in touch with Dave.

Dave D'Abrosca, owner and head coach of Power2Tri Multisport, will be leading these workouts. Dave is a USAT Level II Long Course and Ironman Certified coach with experience guiding athletes through hundreds of races, from first-timers to seasoned long course athletes. Coach Gabe may also occasionally join or lead workouts. Both Dave and Gabe are available to answer questions via our website or Instagram account. Both of us are available for questions via www.power2tri-multisport.comOpens a new window.  You can follow us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/power2tri.multisport/Opens a new window.
During group workouts, all athletes start at the same time and follow the same workout, which is automatically adjusted to the proper intensity for each individual. We encourage athletes to have a recent FTP (Functional Threshold Power) test to ensure that the workouts are effective. All athletes, regardless of power level, will stay together in the group and are encouraged to cheer on their fellow cyclists as we work through the session.