Friday, March 31st
5:00AM GMT
Friday Rocacorba Collective - non-coached workout
Group Workout
Experience the Rocacorba Collective weekly workout.

Every Thursday our Training Members are guided by coach Helen Bridgman. In case you missed it or want to have a taste of what and how we train, we are making our workout available every Friday, with no lead. So put on some music and enjoy! You might even find one of our DS´s on the road to chat with.

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Session: Climbing Booster with 30/30s

This session focuses on boosting your climbing strength. It mixes some threshold efforts with some 30/30s, improving your ability to clear lactate and your resistance to fatigue.

Warm up - ride easy for 5 mins, then a 5 minute ramp up to threshold to open up the legs and lung. Ease off to recover for 5 mins before we go into our main work blocks.

Set One:
First we climb - 3 blocks of 5 mins at 95% FTP, each has a seated 30s max effort to finish (target is 140% FTP, but you can turn ERG mode off and go full gas for the 30s if you wish). Increase cadence for the max effort and hold it there for the full 30s. Recover, spin easy for 3 mins in between efforts.

Set Two:
We then move on to 2 sets of 30s on/30s off. The first set is 125% FTP / 60% FTP. The second set increases effort to 135% FTP / 60% FTP.

Cool down, ride easy for 8 mins to finish.
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