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Friday, March 31st
4:45PM GMT
The Friday TBR Pubcrawl
Group Ride
The weekend starts here! It's 5 o'clock somewhere, so why not come and join Mr Milkshake, Miss Jellybeans and the rest of crew for the best pub crawl on Zwift.

Our pace will be roughly 1.6-1.8w/kg as we challenge the grey matter with three rounds of "normal" to "off the wall" quiz categories.

With four award's up for grabs during the ride, including the Miss Jellybeans “Wobbly legs memorial trophy”, this ride can catapult you to fame and glory, but watch out for the paparazzi, they can make you "famous".

When the quiz is over, and before we settle down for our fireside chat, we have one final task - "The last orders sprint", so save your legs for the end and see if you can stay up right, get to the bar first and take home the Green Jsy.

(N.B. 18+ ID will be requested at the door given the establishments we will be visiting!)

The fence is in use at times, but we don't kick. Your co-operation helps us provide everyone with a fun and supportive ride.

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The Friday TBR Pubcrawl (D)
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