Sunday, April 2nd
6:00AM GMT
SZR Groupworkouts by Aktivitus
Group Workout
These WOs are designed to give you improved aerobic development and increased aerobic threshold (LT1) -endurance - in a 2h workout. To get most out of this session, make sure your FTP is correct set. If you are aerobic underdeveloped for cycling you may need to decrease your FTP-settings. The workout is 120min and starts with a 15min warmup. First main block is 4x12min of SST and threshold to wear us down and to get a time effective local aerobic development.

The second block contains 3 sets of 5x3/1min and 5x1/1min and last 8x30/60sec. This is set is usually a classic VO2max, Anaerobic and race-prep interval-formulas, which gives us an nice stress on our central capacity, improved lactic tolerance and an increased anaerobic stanima. However, in a worn-out state these intervals will also stress your aerobic development. That means you oxygen transport into your working muscles will get better. Your endurance will thereby increase. The main purpose in total of this WO.