Monday, April 3rd
6:30PM GMT
ZRG-CC - Afterwork Ride
Group Ride
Kick-in your week with a medium paced endurance ride hosted by ZRG Cycling Club. Aimed at building endurance, giving an attained workout and curing hangovers from last weekend. Our group ride event is designed with an intensity range between 2.6-3.2 W/kg but may include short intervals well over and below the ride average parameters pushing you to the sky.

Teamwork is essential, we aim to support each other. Please stay together as a group around the Yellow Beacon at all times. We don’t chase flyers, it’s not a race. Fence will be available, only varied to allow for hill climbs or planned sprints with immediate regrouping afterwards. Sweepers are not in operation. Stronger riders are encouraged to fall back and help sweep the riders struggling back to the pack. Be sure to listen to the ride leader’s instructions.

Nobody likes being dropped. But things get stretched and this is not a “no drop ride”. If you’re fall of the back of the pack missing the draft effect means you are lost. You need to pace significantly over main group pace to bridge the gap and catch. Otherwise check the mini-map for riders around you, form a gruppetto with them and support each other.

You can find more information about upcoming events in our Facebook community ( a new window) and we welcome any feedback. If you get through the event you will unlock the ZwiftRidersGermany Jersey. Late joining is available.

Join us for as long as you want, enjoy your training and make new Zwift buddies.
Have a good time. #FunIsFast

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