Saturday, March 21st
9:15AM GMT
ZHR Audax 100km (Ride)
Group Ride
Target times:
Group A - 2:15, approx 3.5-4.0w/kg
Group B - 2:30, approx 3.0-3.5w/kg average
Group C - 2:45, approx 2.5-3.0w/kg average
Group D - 3:00, approx 2.0-2.5w/kg average
Group E - 2.0w/kg or lower

An Audax is a cycling event in which participants attempt to cycle the distance within a pre-defined time limit. It is a non-competitive sport: success in an event is measured by its completion within the specified time limits, and receive equal recognition regardless of their finishing order. Riders may travel in groups or alone as they wish, and are expected to be self-sufficient – bring your virtual puncture repair kit!

Power-ups are allowed
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