Saturday, June 10th
10:00AM GMT
ZZRC Push Your Limits Group Ride
Group Ride
A very warm ZZRC welcome to our Push Your Limits group ride.

This is the quickest group ride we offer at ZZRC so come join us, test yourself, and have some very fast FUN!

The Yellow Beacon will hold 2.8 w/kg on flats and up to 3.2 w/kg on any inclines or climbs. The Fence will be used to keep us as a fast blob, and it will be active. That means riders going beyond it for more than 60 seconds will be removed from the ride.

This ride is all about testing your limits, so the Fence will be lifted for any timed segment, sprint or climb. Riders are encouraged to go for PRs and make the most of the draft from the blob. Remember, though, that the Fence will return, so ease up after the banner and allow the Yellow Beacon to catch you.

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