Sunday, May 28th
1:15PM GMT
BanditZ Tronathon (Banded)
Group Ride
Banditz Tronathon is a social and supportive climbing focused banded ride. Our mission is to help riders earn route and achievement badges while also gaining confidence in their climbing abilities.

We generally ride the Alp each week but will visit other hills from time to time.

On a banded ride, riders will not get dropped unless they stop pedalling, and if so, our sweeps will work to help bring them back to the group. We will stop if necessary. Our speed is an average of our collective effort, all riders are encouraged to keep at a pace that is comfortable for them to maintain.

We are a judgement free ride and want everyone to have a positive experience. We do a lot of chatting and distracting so that you practically don't realize what you accomplished until the end. Or notice the time go by. If you have always wanted to check out the Alp or work on your climbing, this is a great way to do so. All you will need is a sweat towel and a sense of humour.

Pace - 1-2.5wkg
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TimeGapWattsW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 secW/kg