Wednesday, June 7th
8:00AM GMT
Team Italy Workout Series by Manuel Ferrari
Group Workout
Welcome to the Team Italy High-Intensity WORKOUT Series, written by Manuel Ferrari (Manuel Bike Experience) open to all riders with the aim of improving your FTP and preparing for the next races.

The appointment will be for every Tuesday and Thursday evening and is connected with the workouts that we offer every Wednesday evening during the Team Italy Up and Down Intervals event.

Have you always dreamed of completing a ride of over 100 km? Participating in both Team Italy Up and Down Intervals events and today's workout on consecutive days will improve your endurance and transform your ride of over 100 km into a fun ride.

Please add the [ITA] tag after your name,
Your kit will be automatically selected, and all riders will appear with the same kit.
All riders will unlock our exclusive in-game kit at the end of the workout.

How the ERG workout mode works:
The Zwifters line up in the starting area like a normal event and once it starts the workout mode begins. Each one will stay together with the group regardless of the power supplied, calculated on the basis of your FTP current.

We strongly recommend that you perform one of the FTP tests, if this is not correctly estimated it could make the workout too demanding for your current level of preparation, or ineffective. For more information about FTP go to: a new window
This is the Facebook group of Team Italy a new window
and Strava club of Team Italy a new window
This is the Manuel Bike Experience Youtube channel where you can relive some Workout and other interesting related topics: a new window
Join us! Have fun! Ride On!
#teamitaly #jerseyunlock
Team Italy Workout Series by Manuel Ferrari (E) - Race Results
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TimeGapWattsW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 secW/kg