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Thursday, June 8th
1:30AM GMT
Dutch Diesel Cycling Group Ride
Group Ride
A group ride with a progresive increase in pace per lap. There's a long lead in followed by 6 laps. The goal is to stay togther and make optimal use of the draft. Together we ride faster!

Enjoy the build up and go hard in lap 5. Make sure to enjoy yourself and Drivk!
Lead-in and Lap 1 will Ride a a 2.0 W/kg.
Lap 2 at 2.2 w/kg
Lap 3 at 2.4 w/kg
Lap 4 at 2.0 w/kg
Lap 5 starting at 2.5 w/kg increasing to 4.0+ w/kg
Lap 6 is a recover lap which you ride at your own pace, or join a group of other riders.

If you’d like to join the ride leader for a chat while riding, you can join our discord channel a new window. For our complete ride schedule visit a new window

Dutch Diesel Cycling Group Ride (C)
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