Saturday, June 10th
10:30AM GMT
GGCC Glasgow Green Saturday Training Ride
Group Ride
GGCC group rides are TRAINING events, category C, with a yellow beacon leader. The beacon leader will ride to 2.5w/kg pace average wherever possible.

Please look out for our training rides 3 days a week, every week - Tuesdays at 20.45 UTC, Thursdays at 21.00 UTC and Saturdays at 11.30am UTC. Use #ggcc to search, as in a new window

The Glasgow Green Cycle Club (GGCC) training rides are intended to provide a challenge for riders, and are open to all timezones. You should ride as a group, following the instructions of the beacon ride leader(s) for any sprints, intervals and spicy segments, regrouping after each when requested. All our group rides also have a closing minirace, to start from behind the beacon.

GGCC is a Glasgow based cycling club whose “in real life” (irl) club runs and training rides are always organized into pace groups, which match the Zwift categories quite well. GGCC also has a good race pedigree and presence in Scotland, and so we have organized this training ride series to suit what we believe is relevant to bike riders’ interests in performance and improvement in our club, in other Glasgow clubs, in Scotland and the UK. Racers will, no doubt, aspire to try our other events, both our Monday 20.10 UTC Zwift races, and our Friday 19.45 UTC TTs.

As we expect our club’s riders to be able to ride 50 miles at a 15mph average on our Sunday rides, such steady riding members will be comfortable with Zwift Category C, and in our various rides we cater for all abilities, through the Zwift ABCD levels. Beacon leaders communicate via Zwift messaging (always) and/or Discord (sometimes) to vary the pace to allow for sprints, intervals, and optionally a mini-race towards the end of the rides, with regrouping after each segment. Make as much use of drafting as you can, for more effective sprinting and intervals.

Results can be seen at the end of the ride on screen, and we will, in common with many other ride series, publish your results on too, based on each category.

All bikes and PUs are allowed, but better not to use TT bikes (which don’t draft) on our group rides and races. Please add GGCC (X) to your Zwift name to allow your ride presence to be recognized, where X is your desired ride category. Categories are related to your Functional Threshold Power (FTP); use your FTP and then divide by your weight in kg, then pick the correct ride and group.

C: 2 W/kg to 3 W/kg FTP; the beacon leader will ride to 2.5w/kg pace average.

PLEASE NOTE: Strava data for our rides must be open (not private or hidden). Please use a heart monitor so that we can monitor correlated power and heart rate to help assure fair riding.
You can use our Discord channel to talk to each other at a new window
Please see the GGCC Zwift page link at a new window for more.

For more about specific Zwift courses for our events, see the Zwift Companion schedule, and also a new window where there is a wealth of information about all things Zwift.

GGCC Glasgow Green Saturday Training Ride (C) - Race Results
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TimeGapWattsW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 secW/kg