Tuesday, September 19th
7:00PM GMT
Zwift Women's Training Club Workout
Group Workout
This event has the following requirements:
women only iconWomen only.
Visit www.support.zwift.com for more information on race rules.
Welcome to the Zwift Women’s Training Club workouts!

ZWTC is your community for fun and fitness. Our weekly workouts will take you through some of Zwift’s most popular training plans, and with the flexibility to join in any time, regardless of where we are in the plan! Get the most out of your Zwifting with training designed by world-class coaches, like 3x Olympic Gold medalist, Kristin Armstrong!

The group workouts will be held every 3 hours UTC on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We’ll also offer recovery rides every 3 hours on Wednesdays - be on the look out for special guests joining those! We’ll offer 2 subgroups to choose from, A category for our intermediate/advanced workouts and B category for beginner/intermediate workouts. You are welcome to mix it up too! Join A one week and B the next if you like! Our main goal is to provide you with a consistent experience week in and week out, to challenge yourself in a supportive group setting, making friends and getting fit along the way!

Join the Zwift Women’s Training Club to connect with new ride friends, ask questions, and get advice from experts. https://www.zwift.com/clubs/ZwiftWTC/joinOpens a new window

We’ll be starting out with workouts from the Build Me Up plan for our A category and Back to Fitness plan for B category.

Current Schedule
Sept 19 - Dec 28

Build Me Up - Subgroup A
This is a progressive plan to improve your overall engine. This rich program is strategic and fun. You'll come away powered up and primed for the season. This plan will teach you about training concepts while also raising your fitness.

Back to Fitness - Subgroup B
Maybe you are new to training, getting back on your bike after a baby, or perhaps it's your return from injury or time off the bike. Whatever your baseline is, the Back to Fitness plan will help you improve upon it!

Look out for an additional schedule of Zwift Academy prep workouts and the Zwift Academy program workouts starting late Oct - Dec in the Zwift Women's Training Club.

Love these workouts? Check out the club for more opportunities to train with us! We offer social rides every 3 hours on Wednesdays in addition to the Tuesday/Thursday workouts.