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Tuesday, November 21st
5:40AM GMT
EVO CC Core Interval Ride [2.5-3.2w/kg avg]
Group Ride
Welcome to the Evolution Cycling Club [EVO] interval session. These rides are geared towards Zwifters that are looking for a varied content one hour session that can give them a full 5 zone workout. Draft in the group and stay zone 1-3, or move to the front and join the sprints for zones 4 and 5 for short bursts. Average for this ride will be mid to high Category C (2.5-3.2 w/kg) but it may vary based upon course/leader. There will be keepers at the back, and they will try hard to save dropped riders. The group is based upon high social interaction so bring your best banter. Use the mobile app or a keyboard to communicate in-ride.

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