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Tuesday, November 21st
6:00AM GMT
3R Octane Interval Ride [~3.2-3.6 w/kg avg]
Group Ride
This is a 3R Group Ride Event. 3R Octane runs five days a week and is designed to provide a solid and fun training platform for riders.

Different ride leaders target different effort levels and courses, with power averages in the range 3.2-3.8 W/kg.

The wide spread reflects the diversity of rides, including weekly recovery, or transitional, rides which are usually on a Monday. Short, high intensity intervals, longer sweetspot intervals, flying laps, long and short climbs and exploring little used routes all feature.

The rides are typically around an hour long, but some can be up to two hours long, and all end with a mini race.

The Group welcomes rider interaction through messaging and the Octane discord server and features a super bunch of regulars to which newcomers, and riders stepping up from lower intensity rides, are always welcome. We welcome any feedback on our Facebook page a new window

#Team3R #Ride3R #RideRaceRaise #3r
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