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Tuesday, November 21st
9:40AM GMT
Escape Collective Tuesday Escapade
Group Ride
Welcome to the Escape Collective Tuesday Escapade group ride, brought to you by friends of the Escape Collective ( It’s the same crew and ride format formerly known as “The Placeholder Tuesday Group Ride”.

This is a fun social group ride with the aim of enjoying riding in the bunch and having a bit of banter all with a touch of (optional) friendly competition.

Ride with our playlist, just search for “Escape Collective Zwift Playlist” on Spotify. Hit Play as the ride starts and enjoy the tunes.

Come along and ride with the crew where our ride leader will set a pace of up to 2.5w/kg after a slower warmup. Our course varies each week and most weeks will be a flat route to help keep the bunch together. Each ride will have a sweeper with a few other riders who are available to help any riders come back to the group if asked for assistance.

This is a social group ride not a race, so please respect the pace set by the ride leader. Stick together to enjoy the draft and companionship. The ride leader will not exceed the advertised pace at any time - even on hills. Please keep an eye on the leader beacon (yellow) and the sweeper beacon (red) to stay in the blob - flat, hilly or in between!

To keep things interesting, we offer optional opportunities for a sprint each lap followed by a regroup. Depending on the week we have 2 different ride formats:

- FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH - Lap the Field - After riding the first half of the ride together as a group, the red beacon will lead an optional chase group at a hard pace (around 4w/kg) and attempt to lap riders in the main bunch. Whilst the chase is occurring the main bunch will continue to ride with the yellow ride leader at the usual pace of around 2.5 w/kg. It’s up to you – try and keep up with the faster bunch in red, or ride steady with yellow! In both cases, please try to stick with your chosen bunch.

- All OTHER WEEKS - Standard Short Race Format - Our final few kilometers will be an optional race to the end. The ride leader will let you know the exact start point in plenty of time.
Join our Zwift club to keep in touch with upcoming rides, chat with other participants outside the ride time, or if you'd like to get involved in running the ride! Search for "Friends of Escape Collective" in Zwift Companion's clubs interface.
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