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Tuesday, November 21st
10:50AM GMT
All American Bikes Ride presented by GRIT
Group Ride
This is NOT a race, the ride will start with a warmup pace of 2.5 w/kg for all riders Yes, both A and B groups start together and stay together at the beginning! On flat sections near the start of the ride, we want both groups to stay together with a casual pace.

Join us for this social group ride. Our route will be a combination of flat sections and some big hills. The route will be selected to have 2 or 3 large hills during the ride.
Group A: Please join group A if you can maintain above 4.0 w/kg on short climbs.
Group B will be going uphill at 3.5 - 4.0 w/kg.
We want to increase the size of Group A. Please join group A if you are a strong group B rider. We want Group B to be riders that prefer 3.5 - 4.0 w/kg on climbs.
After hills, we will maintain 2 main groups. Group A riders that are in front of the group A leader should slow to rejoin the leader. Group B riders in front of the group B leader should slow to rejoin the leader. We ask for your cooperation to rejoin with your group to make this a fun social ride.

We welcome you to challenge yourself and join this ride even if you don't typically ride at this level. We often find riders join us and find that they can handle a higher intensity level by riding with a faster group.

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