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Tuesday, November 21st
11:45AM GMT
The Ride For Mental Health
Group Ride
Let’s ride away the stigma!

The Ride For Mental Health (TRFMH) was started to support a community dedicated to eliminating the stigma of mental illness through education and open conversation.

This event is inspired by Eric Dorris, who suffered from borderline personality disorder and other disorders. His dad, Mac Dorris, founded TRFMH as a way to find hope, healing and purpose after Eric’s sudden and tragic death.

The Ride For Mental Health has emerged as the premier cycling fundraiser in the U.S. exclusively benefitting mental health. The proceeds raised will be donated to McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate, for the education, research and treatment of mental illness including anxiety, borderline personality disorder, depression, eating disorders and substance abuse.

TRFMH is June 24 - 25, 2023 in New Paltz, NY and virtually as well. Details are available at and by emailing

Welcome to The Ride For Mental Health

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