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Tuesday, November 21st
2:30PM GMT
Nosco Foundation Social Ride p/b Liv Cycling
Group Ride
The Nosco Foundation Ride p/b Liv is all about community, hope, and love! Why? That's what the Michael P. Nosco Foundation is all about! And we can spread that by riding bikes on Zwift? Of course! Join us every week on Tuesday at 6:30am PT for a fun, social ride appropriate for all levels. Laugh and smile as you pedal along with ride leaders Jack Nosco, Janel Spilker and other Nosco Sherpas.

Together with the team at Liv Cycling, we hope this ride serves as motivation to get on your bike, a chance to invite friends to join in good healthy fun, and spread the love, hope, and community that embodies the Nosco Foundation.

About the Foundation:

The Michael P. Nosco Foundation's mission is to provide financial relief to families and/or individuals who are confronting a life threatening illness. The foundation's mission is realized by organizing an annual cycling event held on November 3rd, affectionately known as the Nosco Ride, that brings together 1000+ cyclists from all over the world to ride in support of these families. The end result? In addition to the funds raised and donated to the recipients, the Nosco Ride provides long-lasting hope, love, and community.

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