Sunday, February 11th
8:20AM GMT
60-240km Audax powered by The Jet-Squad
Group Ride
Audax the friendly long-distance endurance group ride for the winter base build beyond expectations. Target is to ride in a tight blob for maximum speed and efficiency. We support each other and help out if someone is in trouble. The bigger the blob the faster the ride. We mainly choose flat courses with a fast road surface.
Flyers are NOT welcome!

We have 5 distance targets in this ride:
- 60km (Entry Level)
- 100km (Contributor)
- 160km (Manager)
- 200km (Director)
- 240km (Walking over water) – Optional distance not available for every ride.

Group up right after the start. Do not push the pace to form a big blob quickly.

The group is led by The Jet (coach) based on the current training schedule including athletes from the squad. There are Pro and strong Kona age group team members building their base for the next upcoming season. The squad will increase the distance within a training block based on the training schedules. Athletes will leave the ride based on their schedules.

Everybody who wants to go beyond the normal winter training and wants to build a strong base for the next season. Everyone is welcome, triathletes, cyclists, hand-cyclists, runners etc. You probably need to build into the sessions over time.

Usually Saturday and Sunday morning CET 10am. The rides might not take place if The Jet Squad is in training camps or in recon weeks.

Front group: 2.8 - 3.2w/kg on flat roads, 3.8 - 4.2w/kg in the climbs. The coach might give updated numbers on purpose. Groups riding at a slower pace are formed naturally behind the front group.

Lightspeed but on a constant and steady pace. No over-pacing in the first half and no power dropping at the end. A friendly group ride WITHOUT SURGES. SAVE YOUR MATCHS! You will suffer, just wait for it ;).

Nutrition & Breaks:
You have to organize the ride well before we start. Get >1liter liquids per hour with electrolytes and carbs based on your demand. Put an additional spare bottle around your bike. Keep some spare food like bananas, bars, gels etc. This ride is also an opportunity to train your metabolism riding on low carbs. We might do short bio breaks on demand if really needed but usually not before 4h. Be prepared!

We want to get the distance done as fast as possible on a steady pace over the full distance.

Audax - the Myth:
Audax is a cycling sport in which participants attempt to cycle long distances within a pre-defined time limit. Audax is a non-competitive sport: success in an event is measured by its completion. Audax has its origins in Italian endurance sports of the late nineteenth century, and the rules were formalized in France in the early twentieth century. a new window

Enjoy the ride!
The Jet Squad
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