Thursday, July 11th
3:30AM GMT
Workout Wednesday Run
Group Workout
Join the Zwift Runners for a group run workout that will be of benefit to all distance runners.

The speeds for each group are based on a threshold speed of A group 15 kph, B 13 kph, C 11 kph, D 9 kph. We will start the intervals at that speed but increase the speed of the intervals we get into the workout. We encourage runners to choose the group closest to the effort level you want to run at and to keep to the nominal speed for that group to maintain the group dynamic. However if these speeds are significantly too low or high for you then you can choose to run in the group that is closest and then adjust the target speed up to 10% up or down in the game or via the Companion app.

If you have any questions about this event or want to find out more about Zwift Running in general then please visit the Zwift Runners Facebook group or #gozwiftrun #wow