Thursday, July 11th
7:30AM GMT
Group Workout
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Coach Paolo Barbera (Please visit www.heycoach.itOpens a new window ) is a Certified Triathlon and Ironman Coach and the founder of Active Kids, a sporting clinic to help children and adults in the prevention and treatment of obesity through healty nutrition and tailored training programs

Paolo is an experienced thriathlete and cyclist, in 2017 opened an endurance training center in milan, Tri60, specilized in indoor training.

In the last ten years Paolo has developed training programs for triathletes, runners and cyclists. Indoor training plays a key role to control pace, cadence and mental strenght.

Paolo’s workouts are designed to mix different training zones aiming to maximize results in a very short time. Paolo’s coachees by following his workouts, at the right intensity, have achieved challenging results.