Thursday, July 11th
9:15AM GMT
QT2 Systems Group Workout
Group Workout
Join QT2 Systems for a challenging hour-long session, each Thursday morning at 5:15 AM EST, around some of the best routes on Zwift. Each 60-minute ride includes a quick warm-up and cool down. These workouts are designed to challenge and make you stronger along the way. One of our coaches is present, each week, to answer questions, motivate, and encourage riders throughout the entire workout.

With ZWIFT’s ride banding, these workouts are suitable for athletes of all levels, regardless of fitness level. That’s right, we are all “rubber-banded” together, relative to percentage of rider FTP.

QT2 Systems is one of the world’s premier triathlon coaching brands, and parent company to OutRival Racing, The Cycling Formula, The Core Diet, The Run Formula, and Cycle Life Studios.