Saturday, May 23rd
8:00AM GMT
Tour for All 2020: Stage 5 Group Ride
Group Ride

Join 3 x Ironman World Champion and Trimtex ambassador Craig Alexander on this Tour For All stage 5 ride. Crowie will be leading the Category D ride which is presented by Zalaris Norseman Xtreme Triathlon and Trimtex.

Special Guest for Cat A is Nariyuki MASUDA from Utsunomiya BLITZEN. Follow the guest and have a wonderful ride!

Four different fun routes that consistently draw crowds. Choose from Watopia or London for the final stage of Tour For All. Come out and meet up with a friend or two!

A – Keith Hill After Party (1 lap)
Team 3R's Choice
Distance: 36.7 km // 22.8mi
Elevation: 435 m // 1427’

B – Pretzel
AHDR's Choice
Distance: 73km // 45.3 mi
Elevation: 1360m // 4462’

C – Sand and Sequoias
PACK's Choice
Distance: 22.6km // 14mi
Elevation: 180m // 591’

D – Surrey Hills
ZZRC's Choice
Distance: 44.1 km // 27.4 mi
Elevation: 1033m // 3389’

Please consider contributing to the Tour For All movement by donating to the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)’s COVID-19 Crisis Fund. a new window

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