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Sunday, July 19th
5:30PM GMT
Group Ride
The ZHCC SUB 2.0 Ride is our regular Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday GROUP ride aimed at Zwifters looking for a ride experience at a more relaxed pace. We do not ride fast or race each other, the idea is to ride together and enjoy a group ride at an average sub 2.0 w/kg pace. As we climb up the hills we may exceed 2.0 w/kg but overall the ride will be an average of 2.0 w/kg or slightly less.

Please remember that it is the role of the beacon to set the pace and NOT the front of the group. This is not a race and speeding off the front really doesn’t help the group. Please try and stay within 50 meters of the beacon. Weaker riders please stay in the group as the draft makes a big difference and will really help you stay in the group and not get dropped.

We look forward to riding with you.

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