Zwift is an app for cyclists, runners, and triathletes that makes indoor training fun. Get the equipment setup that's right for you, then reach your fitness goals in virtual worlds riding alongside a global community.

Why Zwift

Discover fun with friends and fellow athletes across 11 immersive worlds. Joyride around the rolling hills of Watopia, crush the climbs and mountain passes of Innsbruck, and experience the contagious energy of Tokyo and New York City.
On-demand workouts and structured plans fit any schedule so you can hit your fitness and training goals.
With races around the clock for all ability levels and lengths, there’s always an event to help you test your fitness while getting in an awesome workout. And you can compete solo or with a team!

What Brings People to Zwift

Stay healthy? Check. Explore stunning worlds? Check. Inject some fun into exercising? Check. Prepare for big challenges? Check. An inclusive community motivating you at every mile? Absolutely! Zwift is the perfect cycling complement for the digital era, offering more than enough fun to keep things fresh.

Complete the experience with Zwift Companion

Zwift's mobile Companion app helps you prepare for upcoming rides even when you're not on the bike. Find friends and even use it as a game controller when you ride.

Try Zwift For Free!

14-Day free trial begins on your first ride, then $14.99/mo plus tax.

No commitments—cancel at any time.
Get fit when you have the time
Zwift has plenty of workouts and training plans that fit both your fitness goals and your schedule.
Connect with friends, meet new friends from around the world, and ride with the pros. You’ll never feel like you’re riding alone.
Level Up while you ride
Explore virtual worlds to earn badges, unlock new kits & bikes and unlock new roads.