Wednesday, April 5th
7:15PM GMT
TBR MounTRONeering
Group Ride
power meter required iconパワーメーターが必要です。
heart rate monitor required icon心拍計が必要です。
TBR Mountroneering is your opportunity to climb Watopia’s biggest mountain, Alpe du Zwift, in a regular weekly group ride.

Our awesome team are here to help you reach new heights!

Key points
• Have fun, enjoy the ride and making new friends while suffering a little together
• Roll out at 2.5w/kg for 5km to the base of the climb
• Climb the 12.2km with 1036m of elevation at 2.9w/kg (sub 70 minute ascent)
• An optional Smasho race is often added from turn 4 to the finish line for those with fresh legs
• After the climb the Yellow beacon group will ‘drop like a rock’, your chance to break a PR and potentially hit 100km/hr
• This is a no fence ride, you won’t get heckled for riding at your own pace (whether faster or slower)
TBR MounTRONeering (C) - Race Results
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