Hard Work Pays Off At The Drop Shop

Hard Work Pays Off At The Drop Shop

ON February 28, 2019 by Zwift

Welcome to the Drop Shop, our new virtual store stocked with the frames and wheels you need to customize your in-game ride!



And how do you score all this top-shelf gear? By spending Drops—credits you earn riding on Zwift. The same way that riding hard in real life makes you sweat more, more time on the bike means more virtual sweat drops in your pocket. Burn more calories, go the distance, and ride more hills to bump up your Drops balance faster.




How you spend Drops is completely up to you. We’ve filled the shelves with frames and wheels from Specialized, Trek, Cervelo, ENVE, and more brands to fulfill your cycling dreams. Want to recreate your real-life bike? Want to build something totally different? It’s all up to you.


Achievements, experience points (XP), and leveling up all remain the same. Zwift Drops is a whole new feature that rewards your hard efforts by giving you the power to upgrade your ride just the way you like. By the way, you can’t buy, gift, or trade Drops—they’re earned entirely through your own personal efforts in Zwift.


Before you ask, premium challenge bikes like the Concept Z1 aren’t available to unlock with Drops. You’ll need to earn them the traditional way.

We’re also not fans of riding with an empty wallet, so we’re giving all Zwifters a one-time payout of Drops based on their current level. For those who’ve received enough Drops to go on a Zwift shopping spree, congratulations. You earned it.


The FAQ has more details on the Drop Shop and Drops.