Leah’s Learning Curve: First Impressions of a Neo-Pro

Leah’s Learning Curve: First Impressions of a Neo-Pro

ON April 4, 2017 by Kate Veronneau

Fresh off her first stint in Europe as the newest member of CANYON//SRAM Racing, we chased down our 2016 Zwift Academy Champion, Leah Thorvilson, to get a glimpse of what the life of a pro is really like. As a testament to her toughnesses, her first 4 pro races took place in Belgium, amid what is arguably the sport’s most challenging terrain and weather. Here’s her first impressions…

21. Cobbles- harder or easier than expected?

As hard as I expected, but I like them more than I thought I would

20. Favorite food in Belgium?

Larsi’s fritattas


19. If you are going to learn a language- which one?


18. Team pre-race ritual?

Alé oiling everyone’s legs

17. Which country has best coffee so far?

That’s tough and a highly debated topic on the team…I really only had one coffee (Keurig doesn’t count) in Italy so i’m not sure it’s fair to say….Italy and Australia both over Belgium

16. Hardest thing about being in Europe for month?

Nothing being familiar….and missing Andy

15. Best thing about being in Europe for a month?

Experiencing new and beautiful landscapes

14. Funniest thing someone has said to you before/during/after a race?

I’ve been asked twice if I was Trixi

13. Besides your teammates, are you meeting other pro racers?


12. Has anyone asked you about Zwift Academy?

All the time

11. What food do you miss most from home?

Simply Leah’s salad from the Pantry

10. Favorite training climb so far?


9. Favorite off-the-bike piece of team clothing?

Rapha half zip sweater with the pink cuffs

8. Do you keep your race numbers?

I’ve kept the last 2, but not before that

7. What do you tell yourself on start line?

Psalm 46:5 – Her God is with her, she will not fall

6. One thing you did surprisingly well?

Handled the cobbles

5. One thing you really want to improve?

Being comfortable in the middle of the bunch

4. I want to take all the ______ home with me to Arkansas.


3. Proudest team moment?

For me? finishing my second race …. for the team? Pajot Hills when they had a perfect race lead out to get Baby second….that’s the happiest I’ve seen them all as a team with an effort

2. Best advice you’ve been given so far?

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

1. Next race?

I don’t know. Lol

Extra Credit: Are you still living the dream?

Absolutely 🙂

Ride On, Leah!

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