ON April 18, 2019 by Nat Tschoban

Welcome to the Fuego Flats!

Zwift’s newest region is ready for you. The route is packed with enough eye candy to keep motivation high in the heat. Push watts past arched rock formations and sweeping landscapes. Reach a hidden oasis with water cascading from above. And don’t miss the Palm Springs resort stuck in the 1960s! Watch the trailer below.

Big. Wide. Open. Ride or run the Fuego Flats to explore the Desert and you’ll take in vast panoramic views.

Our game art team designed the region from scratch, drawing references from all over the US. The first place that came to mind? Death Valley, CA—one of the hottest places on the planet. And where Jon Mayfield (Zwift Co-Founder) spent time riding double century events.

The Zwift Desert is inspired by the deserts of America. You might recognize parts of Moab, the Antelope Canyon in Arizona, Mesa Verde in Colorado, and the annual California Super Bloom.
-Tony Yruegas (Art Director, Game Art Team)

Architecture fans: take note of the typography and geometric shapes around town. The Googie style, born in the mid-century Space Age, adds a fun futuristic touch new to Zwift.

Saddle up and you’ll also cruise by the oldest (and only) saloon in Watopia—the Yelp reviews are outstanding.


Flat roads also mean FAST roads. The desert is perfect for Time Trial training and FTP testing. We’re talking full-gas, head-down, repeatable efforts. Give it your all in the 500m sprint segment and the 7km long effort. Race organizers: here’s your new route for watt throwdowns.  Speaking of TT training, stay tuned for our upcoming inaugural TT race. It’ll be a hot one.


Sometimes you just want to hop on Zwift, sweat some miles for a while, and have a blast. Enter the desert. The main route has just a few mild gradient changes your legs will barely feel, making it ideal for an easy ride or run. 10km out and 10km back, a roundabout at the road’s end lets you see the desert from all sides.


Tempus Fugit: 11.7 miles, 99 feet

Tick Tock: 10.5 miles, 174 feet

The Über Pretzel: 79.7 miles, 7823 feet

Out And Back Again: 24.7 miles, 1076 feet

Bigger Route: 33 miles, 2269ft feet



First, make sure you have the latest version of Zwift as well as the latest version of the Zwift Companion mobile app. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the new roads.

Three ways to Get to Fuego Flats:

  • Head away from downtown towards Ocean Blvd: go under the start arch and make a left on Ocean.
  • Make your first left a few hundred meters after turning onto Ocean.
    • If you spawn with the beach on your left, pass under the arch and take and take your first two lefts.
    • If you spawn with the beach on your right, make a  U-turn, and take your first two lefts.
  • Go to the route picker at the start screen. Choose one of the options below to be placed into Fuego Flats:
    • Out and Back Again
    • Tempus Fugit
    • Tick-Tock
    • The Bigger Loop route will take you from downtown to the desert.