Developing more than just talent with Zwift Academy

Developing more than just talent with Zwift Academy

ON June 1, 2016 by Kate Veronneau

To the women of the inaugural Zwift Academy,

Welcome! Stage 2 of Zwift Academy begins this week and I’m super excited. You will be challenged with harder group rides and a structured training plan. While there will be plenty of quantitative data in which to measure progress, as the Zwift Academy Community Champion, I’ll be paying closer attention to the qualitative results.

My goal is to ensure that every participant has a rewarding experience, regardless of numbers. I want each rider to enjoy the confidence boost that comes with breaking your own physical and mental barriers. I want you to be inspired by your fellow riders, by the CANYON//SRAM team and by your own commitment to the program.

That’s what cycling is about, isn’t it? If we gauged success and fulfillment purely on podiums and power tests, we’d be missing all the fun. I fell in love with this sport because of everything it offered beyond fitness and competition. For me, it’s been a gateway to new friends, new destinations, new toys, new jobs and new experiences. It has opened up a whole new world. This is the potential I see with Zwift Academy. While creating an opportunity to develop your talent, we’re going to build an international community of confident, strong women cyclists.


I’m ready for the challenge. A little about me – I’m a former college basketball player who found cycling when searching for my next athletic challenge. I raced for years on the USA pro scene and even got to compete internationally a few times. I really liked the racing, but I fell in love with the community. Since I hung up my bib numbers, I stayed in cycling because it continued to offer me exciting opportunities to meet people, travel the world, stay fit and grow the sport. I worked for the T-Town Velodrome in Pennsylvania and now I climb the world’s biggest mountains with Thomson Bike Tours. I’m happy to share my experience and love for the sport by serving as a champion for Zwift Academy.


Women’s cycling is enjoying a golden moment right now. There are more women’s teams, races, clothing, rides, products and media coverage. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re moving fast in the right direction. Zwift Academy is riding that wave by offering ambitious women like you this chance to build strength, character, and community.

In the end, one lucky rider is going to be ‘discovered’ by Zwift Academy and be rewarded with a pro contract on the 2017 CANYON//SRAM Racing Team. If you give your all to this program, I guarantee you will all discover something new about yourselves.

My 5 words to describe Zwift?

Creating opportunity for women everywhere

Good luck and Ride On.