2RR: A New Take on Cycling

2RR: A New Take on Cycling

ON November 6, 2019 by Zwift

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2020 will be the first road season for the 2RR.fr team, with a one-of-a-kind structure that is the first to incorporate Zwift in its own rulebook. The team manager, Alexis Louge, introduces us to this innovative French team.

Can you tell us more about 2RR?

The idea has been growing since I started on Zwift. I was seeing teams develop, and I wanted to bridge the gap between eRacing and the road. The name, 2RR, comes from “Ride and Race”, the team’s motto, but also the sponsor’s name: 2RR.fr. We’re quite open, as we don’t have any territorial restrictions in France. The only requirement to be part of the team is to ride both on the road and on Zwift.

Who are the team leaders?

There are long-time Zwifters like Samuel (Leguevaques) or Antoine (Gauran), who have taken part in big events and who have proven themselves on the road. Clément Cambier, silver medal winner at the 2019 Zwift French Championship, is also part of the team. The group is growing with time. It’s only the beginning, and the road is still long, but I’m happy with how far we’ve come.

Do you know if some riders are following a training plan this winter?

Yes, most of them are following a training plan. Some of them plan everything through Zwift workouts. It seems like a lot, but that’s what I’m looking for: linking Zwift and the road season, to show that they can work together. I’m convinced that the future of training is there, and we will see how it pays off when the season starts.

What effect do you think this structure will have on the team’s behavior?

Being aware of the group and feeling supported is a big advantage and very motivating. It helps prepare better, and train more effectively. On Zwift, they can meet up at any time, regardless of where they are, race together, and communicate easily. It’s a real advantage to get to know each other. It’s quick, practical, and fun, the riders love it. All this structure should help the team grow closer together and in the right direction.

What are the next projects for the team?

There are a lot of opportunities to go further! But it’s too early to really talk about it. For now, the team is registered in the UFOLEP [a French multi-sport federation], but we hope to be able to register with the FFC [the national governing body for cycling in France]. The goal is to be able to have a stable structure for the riders. Then, we’ll see for more ambitious projects. Maybe going international? It will be challenging, but why not!