ON December 23, 2019 by Sean Jefferson

Every runner knows that when you’re mid-race or mid-workout, the pace can change instantly. And if you’re indoor, you need your devices to maintain and keep up with your legs. Introducing the Runn™ by North Pole Engineering, the world’s first optical speed sensor that makes treadmill training highly accurate and even more efficient. 

The Runn™ makes any treadmill smart. Like, PhD-level smart. The sensor sits happily on your treadmill deck with double-sided adhesives. You then apply reflective stickers directly onto the treadmill belt. Start your run, and the sensor continuously reads the stickers, tracking your speed. Your pace is broadcast from the sensor to Zwift via Bluetooth. Stable, reliable, and easy to use. Each unit is factory calibrated for precise accuracy and uses a micro USB to recharge its battery. 

So what does that mean for you? Your efforts are more accurately represented in the game. Increase your speed on your treadmill, and see near-instantaneous changes on Zwift. Whether you’re running a 5k or crushing a tempo workout, numbers don’t lie. Accurate metrics can make the difference when running with the group, or placing in a race.

The Runn™ is a nice step up from the Zwift RunPod, as it provides greater accuracy during interval training and races. Instead of your foot, the sensor pulls speed measurements directly from your treadmill belt.

Though don’t count footpods out completely: they track cadence, stride, and are convenient for public treadmills. Some runners will choose to double up with a RunPod and a Runn™, to cover all your data bases.

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How to Set up Runn™

The Runn™ makes any treadmill smart, reading the treadmill belt and broadcasting your speed to your device almost instantly.

To set up your Runn™ speed sensor, you’ll need a treadmill and a device. Follow these instructions to get set up.

  1. Peel off the double-sided adhesives. Stick the adhesive onto the bottom of the Runn™ mounting system and place it firmly on the deck of the treadmill.
  2. Set it to the proper height. 
  3. Begin placing the reflective stickers on the belt of the treadmill so they pass directly under the optical sensor.
    Tip: 3-4 stickers is suggested to quickly pick up pace changes and prevent speed lag to the game.
  4. Turn on the Runn™ and start the treadmill. If the stickers are placed properly the light will flash when the stickers pass under the optical sensor. 
  5. Open up Zwift, and find your Runn™ device in the pairing screen. Connecting the speed sensors and enjoy your run!
  6. Add a cadence tracker like the Zwift RunPod and a heart rate monitor for the ultimate Zwift experience.