Ride and Run with Pride

Ride and Run with Pride

ON May 25, 2020 by alyssa.henning@zwift.com

In honor of Pride Month, Zwift is celebrating its LGBTQI+ community with riding and running events throughout June. These Pride events will be a safe space for all, and they’re happening Tuesdays and Saturdays all month!

LGBTQI+ community members and allies are leading the group rides. Keep an eye out for some special guests joining throughout the month, too! The pace? Casual—the ideal speed for getting to know fellow Zwifters.

LGBTQI+ community members are also leading group runs. These workouts are for athletes of all skill levels. We encourage runners to join ahead of time to share support before the start of the event.

Spread the love during these rides and runs by sending a plethora of Pride Ons—Pride-specific Ride Ons that are exclusive to these events. Download the Zwift Companion app to make it even easier to flood Zwift with Pride Ons.

In addition to the in-game events, Zwift is giving back to the LGBTQI+ community. We’re supporting Athlete Ally with a $25,000 donation to help the non-profit make sports more inclusive and diverse.



  • Q: What is Athlete Ally, and what do they do?
    A: Athlete Ally is a non-profit that educates athletic communities at all levels—governing bodies, teams, and individuals—about inclusion for LGBTQI+ people in sports. Athlete Ally also offers guidance on building inclusive communities, teams, and organizations.
  • Q: How much is Zwift donating?
    A: Zwift has already given $25K. We encourage those who are feeling the love to share a few dollars with this great non-profit.
  • Q: Why is Zwift supporting this?
    A:  We strive to celebrate inclusion every day, not just in June. And it’s during this month that we highlight the progress of the LGBTQI+ Zwift community as well as make plans to level up. Working closely with the LGBTQI+ community for a more inclusive future ensures a better Zwift for all.
  • Q: What type of events are these, and when are they?
    A: They are social-paced group rides for cycling and workouts for running. These rides and runs happen every Tuesday and Saturday in June. After completing a Pride On ride, you unlock the cycling kit, shorts, and socks. Finish a Pride On run, and you unlock the shirt, shorts, and socks.
  • Q: Why are there extra colors in Zwift’s Pride On Designs?
    A: Daniel Quasar’s “Progress Flag” inspired this year’s Pride On design. The addition of black and brown stripes represents communities of color and also represents those living with AIDS, and those no longer living. The pink, blue, and white stripes are a nod to Monica Helms’s Transgender Pride flag. All in all, we modified our Pride On design to add emphasis on inclusion and progression.