Where am I? Who is around me? Better check the Minimap.

Where am I? Who is around me? Better check the Minimap.

ON September 15, 2017 by Andrew Burke

The next time you login to Zwift, be sure to look in the top right corner of your screen. There’s now a minimap to give us all a better idea of our location on the course. We can even change the view of the map just by clicking/tapping on it. No need to pull over. Not sure how steep that hill is? The grade is in the upper right of the map. The numbers will increase in size and grow red as the grade increases.

Along with location, we will be able to quickly find our friends, they appear as ‘pins’. Favorited friends glow orange and have a star in the middle. Group riders, not sure where the group leader or the group sweeper are? Don’t fret, the map will tell us. Ride leaders appear with a yellow marker and sweepers are in red. We can see each other’s category too. Each dot is marked with the category that rider is in. Non-group riders appear as small dots, so none of us grab the wrong wheel.

If we’re doing a workout we can now see how far away our next interval marker is. They vary in color based on the intensity we’re about to hit. Group riders and racers, we will see gates on the map, that correspond to the event you are in. So we all know where the finish line is!

Check it out, and let us know what you think!