How To

Get to know the pack better with these group ride and race updates.

on September 15, 2017

Group riders - We added a sweeper beacon so any of us can quickly identify the ride sweeper and reach out for help to get back in the pack. Just look for the icon(it’s similar to the leader icon but red). If we get really far away a red beam will appear over the sweeper rider.

For those up for the task of being a sweeper, just request it from the event organizer, and follow the same process you go through to become a ride leader.

Racers - We all want to know how we stack up against the rest of the field, and if we can make that jump from Cat D to Cat C. Now there are race results for all categories!

At the end of each race try sorting the results by all categories or by a specific category. If one of us did really well, give them a ride on or follow them, all from the leaderboard.

Be on the lookout for more group and race updates coming soon!

Where am I? Who is around me? Better check the Minimap. over 5 years ago