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One Zwift For All

by Zwift
on June 05, 2020

Dear Zwifters,

This week has been a week of self-reflection and action at Zwift. We’ve discussed at length our shortcomings, how we should improve and what we will do to improve. We will improve. We have made a series of commitments and contributions to fight racism and would like to share this information with our community and hold ourselves accountable for further action.

There is no place for discrimination of any kind in Zwift, our communities, or society. We stand in solidarity with the black community and are outraged at the death of George Floyd and all others before him who’ve suffered systemic racism.

First up, we have made a series of contributions to national and local organizations in the US specifically to support the black community:

On a national level, we have donated to the NAACP which works to ensure all individuals have rights without discrimination based on race. Additionally, we are pledging our partnership and made a donation to the California Conference for Equality and Justice in service of creating a society that is more just and inclusive for all.

Our local community in Long Beach, California, where we are headquartered, is our home. We have pledged our support to the Long Beach Mayor’s Office, and Downtown Long Beach Alliance.  We will continue to work with them in supporting the Long Beach community, which has suffered badly in the last week.

However, we know that real change is not going to happen without long term commitments. We’re making the following long term commitments:

  • We will improve our product, the Zwift App, so it represents better the diversity of our society and of the Zwift community.

  • We will listen harder to our staff and our community so the voices of all minorities are heard.

  • We will change our hiring  practices to champion diversity and inclusivity in our workplace.

  • Alongside our global commitments, we will invest locally in Long Beach, California, home of Zwift HQ, to support one of the most diverse communities in the United States.

We are aware that we cannot stop there to support the fight against a systemic problem. This is why we are committed to these long term goals and to support these organizations in their fight for equality, justice and integration.

We want to hear your thoughts and additional suggestions in the Zwift forum. We value your point of view and are convinced that there is only one way to solve this issue: all together as one.

One Zwift For All

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